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Search Engine Optimization field is in it’s early stages as a “industry.”   SEO is at best only a field that’s been around about 10-15 years or so, unlike other more mature fields like Real Estate or hiring an Attorney.  Currently, the demand is quite high and over time, rates will probably decrease.  As a result, you’ll see most of the SEO Consultants, SEO Firms and Agencies typically FAIL to list their SEO rates.  Instead, you’ll see:

  • Fill out a form.  (Wait in line.  You’ll be lucky if we get back to you. )
  • Contact us today!  (We’ll get back to you tomorrow.  I mean, the day after.  Wait a second…maybe it will be next year?)

Our goal for our clients has always been to get GREAT SERVICE at a fair price.  With that said, there is a good reason why many of the SEO Consultants out there do ask you to call or email them to quote you an exact price for the job.  It’s because you could be asking them to do 1000 hours of work for a $1000 dollars.  We don’t think they think, nor do we that our services are worth $1 an hour.  Do you?  Nevertheless, you’re a busy decision maker trying to make your business grow & don’t have lots of time to ask around.  So, here’s the nitty gritty…

1 Hour “What’s Wrong with my Website?” Professional SEO Consulting

We want to offer you a quicker solution which may tell you in a very inexpensive manner, “What’s wrong with my website?”  So, if you’re interested in literally getting one hour of analysis on the phone immediately click on the below payment button ($175.00) and we will tell you what’s wrong and why you aren’t ranking.  We will give you the  best tips and will share with you what your website needs in that 1 hour call.  Just follow after emailing and get your 1 hour “SEO Doctor” diagnosis of your website.  If you don’t want to take a risk and pay thousands of dollars, here’s an easy way to figure out what you need to do.